Hello and I welcome you here – At The Chefs Table podcast – where it’s all about cooking and food! I’m your host Anthony Borgo –

A warm welcome to you and all my listeners – anyone who enjoys family, friends, food, and drink. It’s truly a pleasure to have you join me here – At The Chefs Table podcast

The concept of this podcast evolved from my career as a working chef in the hospitality industry and from the relationships I have developed with the many people that I have worked with and friendships formed from being in the foodservice industry – I am going to meet with chefs, farmers, food manufacturers, home cooks, writers, and people of interest to discuss all things food and drink and to share their stories, I want for all of these story tellers to share their challenges, their successes, their achievements and celebrations that they encounter in their daily work.  I also want to discuss the shared commonalities that we experience as cooks and consumers of ‘all things’ food.  Throughout this podcast, we’ll be diving deep into the world of cooking, sharing tips and tricks to help you become a better cook, and exploring the vast and exciting culinary landscape that exists all around us. We’ll talk about everything from mastering the perfect steak to crafting the ultimate pizza, from whipping up a decadent dessert to creating healthy and nourishing meals for you and your loved ones. And of course, food politics.  So much has changed within our food system and I want to explore and discuss those changes and focus on creating a better way to shorten our personal food chain, to help grow and/or source locally farmed ingredients to cook with and enjoy nutritious food that nourishes our bodies and soul.

So, whether you’re looking to up your cooking game, expand your culinary horizons, or just find some inspiration in the kitchen, this podcast is for you. I can’t wait to share my love and passion for all things cooking and food with you, and I hope you’ll join me here – At The Chefs Table podcast – as we embark on this journey together.

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